Item by Item(IBI) Learning Platform provides quick, convenient, and cost effective online and mobile training to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) Finance and Operations end users.

It is filled with expertly created and easy to understand micro courses that can be used before, during, and after your implementation.

It is often hard to do end user training in the traditional classroom method as it takes too much time to create learning materials and creating a schedule that works for everyone is quite difficult. As such, I see the perfect solution in IBI Learning Platform. Using this tool, a company can provide access to their employees to do a tailored, comprehensive D365 training, in a flexible format
— James Earles, Solution Architect, Dynamics, Microsoft EMEA

UNlimited and easy Access

IBI Learning Platform is a cloud based solution. You simply need to go to the URL that you are provided and login. You will have access to the learning paths assigned to you as well as the entire micro course library. 

fun and engaging courses

Micro courses cover not only demonstrations of how to perform specific tasks, but also concepts that are used in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations as well. Courses are organized into end user roles known as learning paths.

measure and monitor progress

Quizzes, assessments, gamification, and badges provide variety of ways to measure your understanding of the materials. Team leaders can monitor the progress of team members using a dashboard and various reports.

Customer Testimony

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IBI Learning Platform met a need for us that we did not even know we had. Number one win for Bioworld was the lack of fear of D365 FO coming into classroom training and testing. Number two win is that our users have something to use as a reference tool at their fingertips when they cannot remember how to do something. You cannot lose with a platform like this!
— Rachel Reichenbach, Operations Project Director, Bioworld Merchandising

Are you starting your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations implementation? How about your upgrade?

Are you looking for D365 online training to get started?

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With IBI Learning Platform, your learners will;

  • Quickly get up to speed on Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
  • Access to online training whenever and wherever they need them
  • Get engaged by using role based materials that are relevant to their jobs
  • Will make better decisions as a result of skills that they have gained

why should you choose online training?

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